Happy you're here! 
My name is Kaitlyn Ingram, the fun, weird person behind Loucreative Studio. So what's with Loucreative? What does that mean? I'm glad you asked. I created the word using my past, present and future. My past -- Lou is my nickname my family calls me! It has nothing to do with my name at all, yet I love it more than my actual name (don't tell my mom). It reminds me of my past and all of the beautiful, happy, sad, and growing moments. It grounds me in who I am & it's something I always want to associate with my work. My present -- Creative! Without creativity & imagination, my present place would look pretty boring. To say I have a passion for creativity is an understatement, so I had to include creative in my title. Lastly, (queue dramatic music) the future -- Lucrative, "producing a great deal or profit", but not the type of profit you might think. Chasing a great deal of wealth will never be my goal, BUT to be lucrative for a client through design will always be the goal of every job. To give a client a wealth of happiness, excitement, motivation, and profit by creating the best outcome through design is the future goal. 
It is Loucreative Studio.
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